BIM (Building Information Model)

The Building Information Model provides a way of designing in which a 3D model of the building is used. In this virtual building, potential problems in the design can be revealed in an early stage of the process. This way, an optimization of the design as well as the design process is realised, resulting in a cost reduction of the overall building process.

In a building process, many different parties work together to obtain the end result. The environment in which the process tales place changes continuously as well as the roles and responsibilities of each party. Because of the large number of parties and amounts of data involved in a project, the risk of additional costs during the process is high. Using BIM ensures that all the project information and data is stored and managed in one single 3D model. Thus, allparties are provided with the same information and are able to monitor the changes made during the project by other parties.

Smits van Burgst is experienced in the area of 3D installation design and building simulation and uses integral and conceptual design for years. The tools which enable all parties to participate in such a design process have been developed just recently.